Monday, May 4, 2015

Just Plain Stupid!!

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity".

Martin Luther King Jr.

Clemson University put its Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity chapter on probation for two years over a party the frat threw last Christmas. An investigation found that the gang-themed party violated the university’s alcohol rules and student-conduct codes.

Students attended the gathering, dubbed a “Cripmas” party, dressed like Crips and Bloods gang members and posed for pictures, which were posted on social media.

They should have had the party in Compton for authenticity. Then this story would have taken a tragic turn.

The timing of the party made matters worse. It happened shortly after campus protests over a Ferguson, Mo., grand jury’s decision not to indict the white police officer who fatally shot unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown last August!

Images from the off-campus party ignited concerns among African-American students about the racial climate. Many black students, who represent just 6 percent of the student population, expressed their anger on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They also told university officials that the university is failing to promote racial tolerance on campus.

In addition to the two-year probation, the fraternity must also complete educational programs on alcohol, social justice and gangs.

The national Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity also condemned the party. It issued an apology and said in a statement that the behavior of a few members “in no way reflects the values and creed of the fraternity.”

This comes on the heels of the University of Oklahoma’s disbanding of its SAE chapter after a video surfaced of some members engaging in a racist chant. 

It's seems SAE was founded on racism, intolerance and stupidity.



  1. I think that it's quite simple: the mores` AND philosophies of a society carry over into its religions, its customs, the way they see themselves and others. Many Whites have NEVER been concerned about people of color, they have never been socialized to do so, after all they are White. They have racial blinders on. White supremacy reigns supreme--in the minds of some. It would also appear that these stupid little boys really have no knowledge of the gangs they were attempting to portray--as you said: "they should have had the party in Compton for authenticity." As far as SAE is concerned, they initiated and brought into their ranks people who were of like minds, somewhat like the KKK. When SAE's insensitivity and racism are put on the national stage, then they do damage control. It's a farce.

    1. Very true, and well said! It must be nice to live in a bubble!