Friday, May 15, 2015

Just When a You Thought You Heard It All News (5-16-2015)

And this week from "the love made me stupid file......."

What a boyfriend!
What a dummy!
Police in Pleasant Grove, Utah, said Robert Phillip Rivas, 26, robbed the Utah Community Credit Union on May 4, to get bail money for his girlfriend, who was behind bars on drug charges, 
Now, the question is.Who is going to rob another credit union to get bail money for him?

Rivas and his suspected accomplice Armando Jesse Ambriz, 28, were both arrested a short time after the credit union was robbed. Investigators only recently discovered a possible motive behind the heist: True love.
“We later received information from one of Robert Rivas’ family members indicating that they were aware of a plot he had to rob a bank-to obtain money to bail his-girlfriend out of jail,” Lt. Britt Smith of the Pleasant Grove Police Department told
Rivas allegedly robbed the credit union branch office wearing a wig, mustache and hat.
Police said Ambriz disguised himself with an orange construction vest, a wig and fake beard.
Ambriz was arrested almost immediately after the robbery, reports.
Rivals managed to escape with a undisclosed amount of cash, according to
Smith told that Rivas managed to bail his girlfriend out of the pokey before getting arrested himself. Mission accomplished!
“(With) search warrants we were able to find some receipts for bail bondsmen that indicated he had in fact bailed his girlfriend out of jail hours after the robbery here in Pleasant Grove,” Smith said.
Rivas and Ambriz have been charged with felony robbery and obstruction of justice, according to
Rivas' girlfriend is currently free. Her name has not been released because she is considered a witness, Hopefully you realizes what a great catch he is and stays with himm

Having a baby doesn't make you a mother any more than making a baby makes you a father especially when your a mother who's high on crank!

Hayley Dawn Hampton probably won't forget this past Mother's Day, thanks to an arrest for suspected child neglect.
Hampton, 28,  allegedly left her 4 year old child in the back seat of a gray Nissan Xterra on Monday while she was having drinks at a sports bar in Oklahoma City.
Police were called to Lumpy's Sports Bar after a bartender saw the child sitting alone in a car in the parking lot.
When they approached Hampton, she said she was at the bar to pick up her boyfriend, but stayed when friends asked her to celebrate Mother's Day with a drink.
Hampton said her boyfriend offered to stay outside to watch the child. A bartender said Hampton didn't notice when her boyfriend came back into the bar 15 minutes later.
The bartender told authorities that Hampton drank a beer and a shot and was in the bar for an hour before police arrived..
Hampton was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail and her child was released to a family member.
The boyfriend was not arrested.

The owners and employees of Augie's Barbed Wire Smokehouse in San Antonio are likely well aware of the lengths some men will go to to get their hands on delicious Texas barbecue. But they weren't expecting the kind of determination that 34-year-old Alan Meneley brought to bear. After staging a daylight raid on the restaurant's refrigerators (while employees were distracted during a shift change), Meneley was able to stuff 13 briskets and 10 cases of beer into a trashcan and load it all into the back of his van. He then sped off to a secure location that may or may not have been furnished with nothing but a tarp and an entire vat of Stubb's original sauce.

I just tried Stubb's original sauce last week, and it is AWESOME! Not sure if I can go back to Jack Daniels sauce after that!

Meneley didn't just have some sudden, uncontainable craving that only hickory-smoked meat could satisfy -- police suspected that this was his fourth barbecue heist in two months. But this latest caper would turn out to be his last, at least for the time being, as the cops soon followed his tangy trail and initiated a high-speed pursuit. Meneley managed to temporarily throw law enforcement off his delicious, smokey scent by burning down a trailer home and stealing a cherry-red Corvette. But, unfortunately, perhaps woozy from a large and sudden intake of so much protein he totaled his new ride at an intersection. But this dude gets an A+ for determination.

Meneley was uninjured enough to attempt to flee on foot, but he was soon found in a nearby ditch and taken into custody. Jail wasn't his next destination, however, as the next words out of his mouth to officers was the admission that he had just swallowed an 8 ball of heroine, uh oh. So it was off to the hospital, where he bolted again while getting an X-ray. But, as usual, he didn't make it too far before the police nabbed him yet again and "charged him by proxy," which I assume means they signed and walked briskly while Meneley waddled in a stupor toward the nearest window. A San Antonio Police Department spokesman declared that they would be treating all of the previous robberies as separate incidents until a link is determined, as if we all didn't already know what that link surely was. It was quite clearly and simply just one man's obsession with savory, mouth-wateringly delicious fire meat.


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