Saturday, May 23, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (5-23-2015)

Florida first responders rescued a naked man from the top of a Fort Lauderdale drawbridge on Friday, after he got stuck when the bridge was raised while he was walking across it.

That is so not fair, when I was naked on a draw bridge, nobody came and rescued me!

"He was swimming in the water previously, and he jumped out of the water and went to cross the bridge," bystander David Izabal how the man ended up there

 "The bridge was coming up before he had gotten off the bridge."

Fort Lauderdale firefighters initially tried to reach the man with ladders, The Associated Press reports, but the ladders weren't quite tall enough. Instead, members of the Broward Sheriff's Office scaled the structure and -- after wrapping the man in a towel -- secured him in a harness fixed to the structure. Then the bridge was slowly lowered back down.

NBC Miami notes that this is thesecondtime someone has required a rescue from the drawbridge in the last few years.

A married couple from Seattle, including a husband who had fled Nazi persecution, made it their last wish that Uncle Sam inherit their entire estate.

In identical wills, immigrants Peter and Joan Petrasek, who had no known relatives, left all of their money and assets to "the goverent of the United States of America......

Because the government REALLY needs their money.

 ABC News reported on Thursday. Last month, a cashier check totaling $847,215.57 was made out to the Department of the Treasury.

Joan died in 1998 at age 79 from breast cancer. Peter lived another 14 years, dying in 2012 at age 85. It took a lawyer a few years to fulfill the couple's request of donating their estate to the government.

"[Peter Petrasek] wanted to make a statement about how much it meant to him to be an American citizen," said Peter Winn, an assistant U.S. attorney who handled the couple's donation. The government deposited the money into its general fund

In Eastlake, Ohio An 18-year-old butt head had successfully eluded officers in northeast Ohio, but a search for his missing hat led him back into the hands of police. 

Northeast Ohio Media Group reports ( ) officers in Eastlake tried to stop Otha Montgomery for running a red light Tuesday morning.

Authorities say Montgomery sped up when an officer pursued him, then pulled into a driveway and ran away on foot.

Police say Montgomery was stopped later and told officers he was walking to a friend's house. They didn't arrest him.

Montgomery later returned to the scene where the pursuit ended to retrieve his lost hat. After giving officers there a detailed description of the missing hat, police found it in a flowerbed and arrested him.

Court records don't list an attorney for Montgomery.

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