Wednesday, May 27, 2015

20 Questions You Should Always Ask Yourself

1. Can I live with the consequences?
2. Is volunteering information always a good idea?
3. Does what I'm thinking about saying need to be said?
4. Why am I saying it?
5. Do I need to say EVERYTHING that is on my mind?
6. Is it always better to take the high road?
7. What is the high road?
8. Have I done all that I can?
9. Am I doing everything that I can?
10. Did I pray today?
11. Did I prey today?
12. Which battle will I choose to fight today?
13. Which battle will I choose to walk away from?
14. Is it necessary?
15. Is it worth it?
16. Who will I be a blessing to today?
17. Does it matter?
18. Just because it looks good, sounds good, feels good and tastes good, does not mean that it is good?
19. Is it my fault?
20. What will my legacy be when I'm gone?

Life is about choices. Some choices are easy and some choices are not so easy. Choose wisely.


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