Saturday, April 11, 2015

Divorced On Facebook

Technology has made our everyday lives easier, and unfortunately it has made it easier to lie, easier to cheat and easier to get out of a commitment. Easier does not necessarily mean better.  I believe that sometimes there are lessons to be learned from difficulty. If everything in our lives comes easy, how do we ever learn how to appreciate what we have, and treasure what we've accomplished. Divorce is now among one of those technological advancements. You can get married and then throw it away at the first sign of trouble with the click of a mouse......on Facebook.

In a groundbreaking court ruling, a Manhattan Supreme Court justice says a 26-year-old nurse can serve her estranged husband with divorce papers in a Facebook message.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper writes in a ruling that Ellanora Baidoo, a Brooklyn nurse, may use Facebook to serve divorce papers to her elusive husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku, the report says.

Baidoo and Blood-Dzraku were married in a civil ceremony in 2009, but the relationship fell apart after Blood-Dzraku reportedly backed out on a pledge to have a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony, the wife’s lawyer, Andrew Spinnell says. Baidoo apparently wanted both of their families present at the ceremony.

As a result, the wedding was never consummated and the husband and wife never lived together, the lawyer said, but Blood-Dzraku apparently still doesn’t want a divorce.

He kept in touch with his wife by phone and Facebook, but that was it, the ruling says.

The “last address plaintiff has for defendant is an apartment that he vacated in 2011,” Cooper said. Baidoo “has spoken with defendant by telephone on occasion and he has told her that he has no fixed address and no place of employment. He has also refused to make himself available to be served with divorce papers.”

This is indeed a landmark decision and may set a precedent for other legal notices to be served via Facebook. Do you agree with the judge’s decision? Sound off in the comments.


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