Friday, April 10, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (4-11-2015)

Talk about a nutty professor!

A Freaky Drexel University law professor, Lisa McElroy is under investigation after she allegedly sent her students an email that included a link to a PornHub video entitled "SHE LOVES HER %#^€ BEADS?"

The email, obtained includes the subject headline "great article on writing briefs and the body copy, "I thought this article on brief writing would be interesting for all of you."

The link following that statement didn't include anything about legal briefs but it is, by all accounts, extremely graphic.

"Drexel has been made aware of an email that a professor sent to a class of law students and erroneously included a link to "inappropriate material," a statement from the University said. "According to federal law and the University’s policies and procedures, Drexel is required to initiate fact-finding for all reports of inappropriate behaviors of a sexual nature that may impact members of our community. As part of these policies and procedures, an employee may be put on administrative leave—which is not punitive—during the investigation."

But is the professor's alleged conduct worth making a fuss about? After all, law students are adults. But letting them know about her preference for beads in an e-mail is just T.M.I!!!!

I could probably publish 3 short stories a day about idiots, morons, and psychos who love to drink and drive. But I've never seen one quite like this. 
In N.Y. Authorities say a 44-year-old lush from Buffalo was drunk when he drove away from a courthouse where he had just been convicted of driving while intoxicated............

The Erie County Sheriff's Office says 44-year-old J.B. Silverthorn of Orchard Park was found guilty of a DWI charge Monday night in Grand Island Town Court. Silverthorn was charged after he crashed his car into the Niagara River on Dec. 29. He was rescued by firefighters.

Deputies say Silverthorn was drunk during Monday's court appearance and told not to attempt to drive home.

I suspect that he may have a drinking problem!!

Officers say Silverthorn then got into his car and pulled out of the parking lot before he was stopped by deputies.

Silverthorn was charged with felony DWI. He's being held Friday in the Erie County jail. It couldn't be determined if he has a lawyer.

Can Black people get justice in America?.......Well, YES! Every now and then! Two Ohio men who were cleared of murder last year after spending decades in prison will receive about $1.6 million from the state for their wrongful imprisonment, a judge ruled on Friday.

That should be $1.6 million for each year!

The Ohio Court of Claims judge ruled that Wiley Bridgeman and his brother, Kwame Ajamu, would get a combined $1.6 million from the state, court records show. The ruling comes just weeks after Ricky Jackson, who was also convicted for the 1975 murder, received roughly $1 million for his time served Bridgeman, Ajamu and Jackson were all convicted for killing Cleveland-area money order salesman Harold Franks after a 12-year-old boy testified that he saw the attack, court papers show. The boy, Eddie Vernon, recanted his testimony years later, and told authorities he had never actually witnessed the crime. There was no other evidence linking Jackson to the killing. Bridgeman was freed soon after Jackson, after the charges were dismissed last November. Although Bridgeman had first been freed in 2002, he was imprisoned again for a probation violation, defense attorneys said. A Cleveland judge in December dropped all charges against Ajamu, who spent 27 years in jail before having his death sentence commuted and being freed in 2003. The 39 years Jackson spent in jail was the longest time a prisoner had been held before being exonerated, the Ohio Innocence Project, which provided legal counsel to Jackson, and the National Registry of Exonerations said. 


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