Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (4-18-2015)

An alleged underage drinker apparently avoided a ticket by beating an officer in a game of rock, paper, scissors during a Texas music festival over the weekend.

They would have made me play "Russian Roulette", or  the ever popular "can you out run my bullet".

In the video, the girl who'd allegedly been drinking won the game by throwing rock while the officer went with scissors. The crowd around the pair of competitors erupts with yells and the girl looks relieved when she realizes she's won. Two other clown's, I mean, police officers are among the spectators.

Video of the victory went viral and now the three law enforcement officers are in hot water.

Burleson County Precinct 2 Constable Dennis Gaas wouldn't name the three officers, but an anonymous, reliable source has revealed to me that they are in fact Officers, Moe, Larry, and Curly. 

The constable did say that they're barred from working next year's country music Chill Fest in Snook, Texas.

"I have seen the video and can only say that this is unacceptable and unprofessional conduct by these officers,” Gaas said in a statement. “Officers are given the choice of giving a warning or issuing a citation for any violation they encounter during this event. Playing a game to see if a citation or warning is given does not fall under professional conduct. All officers were instructed during orientation to present a professional appearance and attitude.”

One word.......un-bee-lievable!

And you thought that all you had to worry about was a gasoline tanker turning over on the highway.........
But a semi-truck loaded with honey bees overturned in Washington state right before dawn last Friday, unleashing millions of live bees across the highway. Intere-sting! Get it?! Intere-STING?!
Corny, I know, but I had to throw at least one sting joke in there.

"There are so many honey bees out here," Jake Whittenberg at King 5 News reported from the scene.

The accident happened when the truck driver blew a tire while merging from I-405 to I-5. The driver was not hurt in the incident.

The clock was ticking on clean-up efforts, however, as responding beekeepers attempted to salvage as many boxes of bees as possible.

I wonder if they were Wu Tang killer bees?!

KIRO TV Reports

Crews raced to get the bees contained by daybreak, when temperatures warm and the bees become more active and agitated. At first, the bees were largely staying in their boxes because they were producing honey and protecting the queen, but members of the KIRO 7 News crew have since been stung numerous times.

The spill stretched nearly 100 yards across the highway.

And this week from the "somebody needs their behind beat file"...............

 Police in Ohio say a middle school student took $25,000 from his grandfather and later started handing out $100 bills to his classmates. Authorities say the 13-year-old gave out thousands of dollars this week before school officials discovered what was happening. So he is dumb, and stupid!
Investigators in the northeastern Ohio city of Medina have recovered about $7,000 so far. "Several adults are under investigation for their role in this incident,” says a police rep. The boy "passed out quite a bit but not the full amount."

Police say they're still trying to figure out how the boy got the money from his 83-year-old grandfather. They say it's too early to know if charges will be filed. 
That means NO!
School officials heard about the cash giveaway on Wednesday. But by that time, police say some of the money already had been spent.



  1. As you said: "They would have made me play "Russian Roulette", or the ever popular "can you out run my bullet". Yeah, Black Men are being hunted down and slaughtered, but "Miss Anne" is allowed to play a game and get out of her ticket. I'm sorry, but don't you think that it is always going to be this way? Occasionally, I will see that a police officer assisted a family with food and his own money; occasionally, I see where a police officer gives a homeless man some boots, or a coat--but this type of cop is outnumbered by the ruthless ones, and the ones who are unprofessional or silly, or so it would seem.

  2. LOL Miss Annie! It called white privilege, and it's being exposed because of video cameras. But, you know that. Unfortunately, those good cops are rare. It's a shame that there art more of them.