Monday, April 27, 2015

Swedish Cops Don't Kill, At Least Not In N.Y.

You always hear stories about how progressive other countries are compared to the United States, and every now and then we see proof.

 New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton is thanking four Swedish law enforcement officers who broke up a fight on the subway without killing anyone. Imagine that!

Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell, Markus Asberg and Eric Jansberger were headed to see a Broadway performance of "Les Miserables" on Wednesday when a brawl broke out between two men on a crowded train.

Police say the four held one of the brawlers until New York Police Department officers responded and took him to a hospital. The Swedish officers went on their way. But witnesses captured the scene on video.

Bratton said Friday that he's grateful the Swedes stepped in and broke up the fight.

The four men were treated to a tour of NYPD headquarters and were getting a ride on a police boat last week. Commissioner Bratton should think long and hard about adapting Swedish police training, then maybe more NYPD would start defusing situations instead of lighting the fuse.


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