Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Wrong "man"

And the IDIOT of the week is........Alton Walter! This dispicable loser, who just happens to be a Richmond County Georgia Sheriff’s deputy, is facing felony charges of false imprisonment and cruelty to children in the first degree for allegedly handcuffing a 12-year-old boy to a pole, then beating and tasering him.

The child’s mother, who has not been identified, reportedly called upon her "friend" Walter to speak to her son about his unruly behavior. The deputy, who was off-duty, went to the woman’s home when she was not there and reportedly took it upon himself to physically discipline the child.  While at the home, Walters allegedly handcuffed the child to a basketball goal, slapped the boy across his face several times, punched him in the stomach and tasered him as if he were torturing him.

A neighbor, who claimed to have witnessed Walters abusing the crying boy when he peeped over his fence summoned authorities.  The unidentified man also told authorities he also saw Walters using his baton on the child, states the news outlet.

Based upon the evidence that has been presented thus far, Walters has not only been criminally charged but fired, effective immediately from his position as a deputy as well.

Meanwhile, the boy was examined by EMS workers who were also summoned to the scene.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Every boy needs and deserves to have a strong male role model in his life. The word strong needs to be put into context so that we all realize, recognize and understand the fact that physical strength pales in comparison to strength of character. A man's true strength lies in his willing to do two things, following Christ and setting a standard. With that being said we must be ever so vigilant in whom we allow into our children's lives. Of course the boys mother had good intentions. But having a man talk to him or discipline his was not enough. It had to be the right man.



  1. LOL, LOL--Well--yes, you're right--it was despicable. "Idiot" (as you call him) was way out of line. Even as a Child Protective Services Worker we were not allowed in a home if there was no ADULT present; glad that he was fired. (I've got to say this: so many women have children, but no man in their households. Why is that? Last Sunday a man came to our church--he is a friend of our pastor's--he had written a book called SOAR. He said that only 30 to 33% of households have fathers these days--sad that this woman had to call a nut-job to speak with her son since he apparently had no father in the home. )

  2. I put the blame for fatherless homes on men. Irresponsible men who leave their children create damaged little girls who grow up to be damaged women who become part of a cycle because that is all that they know. They also create damaged little boys who have no idea what it's like to be a man because they've never had an example of how to do so.

  3. Should we put the blame on men only? Is that fair?

    1. Excuse my chauvinism, but I think that a made should lead and set the tone for his family. So yes I do think that in most cases it is fair to blame the man.

  4. I agree, if the man and the woman WANT a family and they are both willing to SUPPORT the child in EVERY WAY--then--he should be the head of his household (providing he has the insight.) I'm talking about women who really don't want a child, but want the SEX to catch a man; or women who feel that if they are pregnant, the man will automatically propose marriage. I'm talking about women who don't seem to understand that they will have this child for AT LEAST 18 years and will be struggling by themselves---unless that woman's parents (or other family members) assist her. I believe that God made female and male parents because young girls and young boys need to have both the adult female and adult male perspective. I think that both little girls and little boys are "damaged" with no fathers in the household.