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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (2-7-2014)

BEAVER DAM, Wisconsin 
A Beaver Dam police officer says he's quite certain he's never responded to a call like the one he handled recently at a McDonald's restaurant.
Officer Rich Dahl responded to an anonymous complaint about a woman who brought a kangaroo into McDonald's. Dahl said Tuesday the woman had the baby kangaroo wrapped in a blanket and tucked in an infant car seat. Dahl says when he confronted the woman she explained the kangaroo was a service animal to help her cope with emotional distress and she produced a letter from a doctor. The officer says the woman was upset at first, but then agreed to leave the restaurant. The three month old kangaroo's owner, Diana Moyer, tells 27 News it was " big deal" to be forced to leave McDonald's with the pet named "Jimmy."
It's a good thing she didn't need an elephant to cope with her emotional distress. But then again she probably would have rode him through the drive through.


This story gives the phrase "falling in love" a whole new meaning.

A vacationer in Ibiza died when she fell off a cliff while celebrating her engagement.

Dimitrina Dimitrova, 29, suffered a heart attack brought on by injuries after falling 65 feet from a cliff on Ibiza's west coast. Dimitrova had just accepted her boyfriend's marriage proposal and was jumping up and down in excitement when she lost her balance and fell.

The incident occurred on last Tuesday around lunchtime. Local authorities are calling the woman's death "the result of a tragic freak accident." Dimitrova had arrived two days earlier to visit her boyfriend and look for work.
Let this be lesson to you. Never jump up and down anywhere near a cliff. That should go without saying. But apparantly...... 

One word......LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Never has a single haircut caused such a fuss.

Some call it the "Benjamin Button Special;" others the "old man" cut.

In either case, it's supposed to be the cure for a misbehaving boy. A little bit of shame to get him back on track.

"So you wana act grown...well now you can look grown too," Russell Fredrick posted on the Facebook page for his A-1 Kutz barbershop in Snellville, Georgia, near Atlanta.

 Hands raised as if in church, YES!!!

The mother of a 10-year-old took Fredrick up on his offer. The 'after' photos show a boy who looks like a little old man with a pronounced bald spot.

Fredrick's post has gone viral on Facebook and Instagram, generating worldwide media coverage both cheers and jeers.

"If my kid's grades fell, I'd do this to him, too," said a Facebook post by Marla-Eyvette Massie.

But Samuel Thomas Duncan was not amused. "I'd rather punish a child at home and keep it a private matter than let someone else humiliate that child publicly," he said. 

If there is one thing I can't stand, it's a PUNK parent! Especially a FATHER!!!

Fredrick said he's not surprised by all the attention the new coif is getting.

"Because a lot of people are at a loss of how to discipline kids, you can't whup 'em anymore, like we used to, as children," the barber said. "It works."

The inspiration came from Fredrick's own life, when he was having trouble last year with his 12-year-old son.

The frustrated dad told him to quit acting up in school "like an old foolish man."

Fredrick shaved his son's head bald and then showed him a picture of an old bald man, like the character in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

"I showed him and I told him, this is your next one if you keep it up," Fredrick told him. "He didn't want it, so he got his act together."

Learning a lesson?

Not familiar with the plot of "Benjamin Button?" Benjamin begins life as an old man and ages in reverse.

A-1 Kutz offers the "Benjamin Button Special" for free, but usually it doesn't come to that. One look at the picture of the first recipient of the "old man" cut is enough to do the trick.

As for the young man who got "the special," he says he's learned his lesson, according to Fredrick, and has a nice new cut to go with his new attitude.


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