Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Still.......No Justice.....

'Three years ago George "The New OJ" Zimmerman" shot and killed Tryvon Martin for absolutely no reason at all. There was no provocation, no justice, and no peace. Since then quite a few Black men have been murdered mostly by police officers. So much so that I began to wonder who would be next. While I hope and pray that it won't be me or somebody that I know, I realize that any one of the victims of these crimes is somebody that I know, because our experiences as Black people in America are are relative. Therefore each and every injustice is a tragedy that hits home.

The Justice Department said Tuesday its independent investigation found "insufficient evidence" to charge George Zimmerman with federal civil rights violations in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the evidence did not meet the "high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution," but the decision should not end efforts to explore racial tensions in the justice system. The decision closes the federal investigation.

Still no justice, & there should still be no peace!!!


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