Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I was born in 1971, which was basically at the tail end of the civil rights movement. There was no such thing as an African-American, and Black people were just a few years into the transition from Negro to Black. I was raised hearing stories about the civiil rights movement. The turmoil, the struggles, and the black and white footage of the masses marching had always seemed like ancient history to me. The details of which were both foreign and unimaginable. After all, many of these people have paid the ultimate price so that their struggles would be foreign me and future generations. While there has been a great deal of progress over the past few decades, the struggle continues, and every now and then, ghosts of the 50's and 60's return to haunt America.

Ronald and Malissia Clinton live in a lovely community outside Los Angeles, and last week someone firebombed their home in what the couple believes was a racially motivated hate crime.

"I don't have proof, I don't have any type of motive, but I do have a gut," Ronald Clinton, who works as a pharmacist, said. "And I tell you, my gut tells me this was racially motivated. And it was somebody that had the intent to harm, injure or even kill us.

"I just know there is no other reason to target us," he said "We have no enemies. Why us?"

According to reports around 2:30 a.m. on a Wednesday night, someone took a gasoline-filled tire, leaned it against the front door of the Clintons' home in the Los Angeles suburb of Manhattan Beach and then lit the tire on fire. Ronald Clinton told the news station that he was asleep during the attack but was awakened after hearing two loud explosions. His wife, a corporate lawyer, was out of town when the attack occurred.

Ronald Clinton says that he gathered his three children and the dog and ran out of the house. He used a hose to douse the flames until the Fire Department arrived. The Clintons' $3.5 million home suffered some $200,000 in damage in the blaze.

"This is not what our community is all about, and we're going to get the person who did this," Manhattan Beach Mayor Wayne Powell said. Manhattan Beach's population is about 84 percent white.

The Clintons' first reaction was that they needed to move out of the neighborhood, but once news spread of the attack, hundreds in the community gathered to show their support for the family.

"It was just amazing to see the turnout," Clinton said.

The average American will not support ignorance in the year 2015. But those who are not average are still ignorant, and still very dangerous.



  1. I just want to ask two question of you: Who is the "Average American"? Where can he be found?

    1. I believe that the average American is somebody who respects everybody regardless of their personal prejudice or bias. In other words we don't have to like or love each other as long as we respect each other.

  2. Hmmm. . .I totally agree with your last sentence.