Friday, February 20, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (2-21-2014)

And in hot dog news.....

An iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has crashed into a pole in central Pennsylvania........

Officials say the giant hot dog on wheels slid off a road and slammed into a pole on Sunday in Enola, near Harrisburg.

No injuries were reported. The front of the 27-foot Wienermobile was damaged....... The crash snarled local traffic as hundreds of people scrambled to find mustard and relish!

3 words! Scarred For Life!

Think your baby photos are embarrassing? Then you need to check out these bizarre pictures one mom created of her newborn son using a phone makeup app.

Where was and where is this boy's father?

Fiona, 28, is a mother from the United Kingdom who recently uploaded to some bizarre photos of what her seven-week-old son Gabriel would look like if wearing makeup. 
Fiona created the images using the YouCam Makeup app, which allows users to add the appearance of blush, eyeliner, and even extravagant wigs to their pictures. 

Fiona's photos quickly went viral, but she assures everyone that no makeup was actually applied to young Gabriel. 

This is exactly why I WILL NOT let my 8 year old ride the bus!!!
The next headline would read,
 "Father Teaches Drunk Bus Driver A Lesson By Beating Her Silly With A 40 oz Bottle."
A school bus driver in Princeton City, Ohio, has been canned after posting a selfie that looks as if she's drinking a bottle of beer on her bus.

The selfie, which was posted on Facebook shows, the driver for the Princeton City School District behind the wheel of her bus with her lips around a bottle of "Country Club" malt liquor.

The photo caused a panic when parents and district officials saw it. The driver, whose name has not been released, was immediately fired by her employer, First Student Transportation.

The company issued a statement:

"We are incredibly disappointed by our driver's actions. Behavior such as this does not align with company policy and the high standards First Student strives for in all we do."

An internal investigation revealed that the bottle of beer was unopened, no students were on the bus, and that the photo was taken after the driver was off-duty. SO WHAT!!

However, parents like Sadie Leporati, mother of a student, said the driver should be forbidden to ever drive a bus again.

"She shouldn't go back," Leporati said, according reports. "She should absolutely get fired. It was very inappropriate and very poor judgment on her part."


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