Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hello! I'm A Professional Drug Dealer.

A man in West Palm Beach, Florida was arrested on Tuesday after he cut in front of an unmarked cop car while driving in a stolen vehicle.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies indicated that the 25-year-old man, Robert Phillips, nearly caused a crash when he cut in front of the unmarked cruiser.

Another Florida man was arrested forkilling five small alligators and chopping off their tails in preparation for a Super Bowl dinner.

The police report indicates that the detective who was cut off then followed Mr. Phillips and watched him engage in a drug transaction, at which point deputies in marked cars caught up to him. He then fled at a high rate of speed before he was eventually caught and arrested while in possession of $2,316 in cash, 22 grams of heroin and 5.3 grams of crack cocaine. The crack-cocaine was discovered in his vehicle. He facing multiple drug charges.

WFTV indicated in a report that the Florida man listed his occupation as “drug dealer” on the arrest report.

Phillips remains in jail on a $242,000 bond. Maybe he can borrow the money from his union!

There is no indication that he has an attorney, according to NBC Miami.


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