Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Big Debate

Last night was the first Presidential debate between The President, Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. I was extremely disappointed in the President who seemed almost lethargic as Romney landed jab after jab without 1 counter punch from the President. Romney was not the same man that we've all been seeing in the media, an outlandish, Buffoon with no mute button. Instead he was confident, self assured and comfortable threatening to cut funding to both PBS and Big Bird, repeating the same $716 billion lie, and claiming that he could cut taxes without adding to the deficit. The President on the other hand was a little more cool and laid back than usual. He never took the opportunity to skewer Romney regarding his comment about the 47% of American's that he said were not his concern. He never took the opportunity to toot his own horn in reference to month's of steady job growth, and he never talked about how his bail out of the auto industry helped to revitalize the economy.
Romney won on style but had no substance, and seemed like an easy mark for the President. But instead Obama decided to lay on the ropes and strategically punch back, without going for a K.O. I sincerely hope that his conduct was pure strategy, a grand scheme allowing Romney to build up his confidence, and get comfortable so that that the President can take him out on the 16th. Unfortunately in today's world style counts more than substance, and this debate has given Romney momentum.


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