Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The President "Showed Up"

Last nights debate was a town hall war of words, with Governor Romney playing the role of a deceptive school yard bully, and President Obama effectively fending off each and every lie with facts. Governor Romney attempted to dominate the debate by by frequently interrupting the President and the moderator. At one point in a moment of contemptuous disrespect he even scalded the President when he tried to correct his inaccuracy. But President Obama did not fall for Romney's obvious attempts to frustrate him by making frequent misstatement's, and creating his own truth. In the end Governor Romney showed signs of frustration as the President pointed out the fact that he had failed to reveal a specific plan to create job growth, lower the deficit, or give tax breaks to the middle class. The President was also able to site a number of inconsistencies in Romney's platform. He speaks of job growth, but was in favor of letting the auto industry fail. He talked about being tough on China, but has and continues to do business with China. Governor Romney also wants to repeal Obama Care but he had the same health care plan when he was the Governor of Massachusetts. The President used his finesse, knowledge, and facts to expose Romney for what he is, window dressing with absolutely no substance.


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