Friday, October 12, 2012

& Down Goes Ryan

This past Thursday Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan met in Kentucky for the Vice Presidential debate and it was all out war. With Paul Ryan blatantly lying, and Joe Biden counter punching with ferocity. Vice President Biden could barely contain himself as Ryan went on to say that he and Mitt Romney could lower the deficit while continuing to give tax breaks to the wealthy. A calculation that just doesn't add up, as Biden was more than happy to point out and refute in detail.
Paul Ryan did his best to make the public believe that he and Romney have America's best interest at heart , but he was unable to map out a clear plan or strategy. Instead he seemed to be intent on attacking the President, but he failed to offer a viable solution to increase job growth, or stimulate the economy.
Vice President Biden effectively rebutted each and every falsehood and denial that Ryan put out there, frequently interrupting his often rambling monologue. Biden's performance was so impressive it almost made me wonder if he should have been President. Hopefully Biden's triumph over Ryan will energize President Obama so that he will take back the ground that he lost in the first debate.


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