Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Conservatives Boycott Ebony Magazine.....LOL !

When I heard this story I thought it was a joke. White conservatives boycotting Ebony? Then when I realized that it wasn't a joke, I asked myself, "do white conservatives even read Ebony magazine?" This was strictly a rhetorical question and I had already guessed the answer. Unequivocally, NO. White liberals, or white democrats maybe? But white conservatives?! Then it occurred to me. Who would boycott something that they don't patronize? Unless this is some sort of ridiculous political stunt. The emphasis being on ridiculous. 

As you may have heard , Ebony is dedicating its September Issue to Trayvon Martin and fatherhood, in the form of four separate covers featuring Trayvon's family, and various other black male celebrities and their sons.
Most people are ecstatic about this. It shows an awareness for how deeply this case and its not guilty verdict has affected minorities in the US (and abroad) and the importance of continuing the conversation.
But then there are racists, and racists are not happy. You see, racists think that these covers are in fact racist, and they have decided to boycott Ebony Magazine. Which is HILARIOUS.

That is not to say that all caucasian conservatives are racist. But White conservatives boycotting Ebony is like Black people boycotting Rush Limbaugh. The impact would be non-existent, and or irrelevant.
 Their decision to boycott this magazine means that Ebony's net profits this month will likely be exactly the same if not more. There may be 3 Black people who live under a rock who have never heard of Ebony and will subscribe now. 
Who knows, there may even be a contingent of enlightened conservative Caucasians who will subscribe.

I am continually amazed by the fact that some conservative whites spend their lives denying actual proven instances of institutionalized racism in minority communities, but then whine about racist  tanning bed taxes and magazine covers. Do they think that this cover is racist because.... they put black people on the cover of a magazine whose primary audience is... black people? Or have they given this particular magazine cover this dubious distinction because Ebony Magazine, as well as the vast majority of the African-American community will not let the memory of Trayvon Martin just fade away along with the injustice of the Zimmerman trial?
The reality is, caucasian conservatives know that the cover is not racist. They just feel a need to mock those who have marched and have threatened to boycott Florida by making a toothless threat of their own. Boycotting a magazine that they don't even read is a joke. Nothing more, and nothing less.


Never forget, and NEVER let it go.

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