Thursday, August 15, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Judge Others

We all do it. I truly believe that it is a part of human nature. Being judgmental is almost instantaneous for many of us. We see situations without knowing all of the facts, and then we put that person, place, thing, or situation in a category. But we must make a conscious decision to resist the urge to stand in judgement no matter how difficult it might seem.
Here are 3 reasons why, you should not judge others.

1. You would be the first one to "go off" if somebody judged you. Here you are, living in a glass house doing just about everything that you know you shouldn't do, and you choose to throw stones. But God forbid if somebody picked one up and tossed it in your direction. You would act as if they talked about your mother or smacked your dog. Showing your guilt by your reaction.

2. Even if no one else knows what you've been through, you know. So you must think about where you were as well as where you are, and realize that your mistakes, stumbles, and falls have brought you to where you are today. They helped you grow. So who are you to analyze someone else's struggle as they go through growing pains?

3. Things always seem different from the outside looking in, because they are. How many of us have found ourselves in predicaments that we swore we would never find ourselves in, and were forced to do something that we never thought we'd do? Maybe nobody else knows. But you know. We must ask yourself if you are judging someone to make yourself feel better or to make the weight of our own baggage feel lighter?


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