Thursday, February 28, 2013

1st Grade "Shim"?! (She-Him)

Most children have vivid imaginations. It's part of their normal development. Just the other day my little girl said that she wishes that she could be a fairy, and is disappointed because she doesn't have wings. My job as a responsible father, and adult who lives his life firmly rooted in reality, is to explain to her why being a fairy could never be anything more a dream or a fantasy. I didn't tell her that she could be a real fairy, then allow her to dress & behave like one., or create a false since of reality just to make her happy. If I indulged my children's whims, my son would have been Batman a long time ago, and their diets would consist only of pizza, and cool ranch Doritos. But apparently some parents don't believe in reality, or discipline. Instead they believe in entertaining each and every one if their children's wishes, no matter how obscene or outrageous they may be.

Case in point. A transgender group has filed a discrimination complaint against the Colorado school board on behalf of a first grader who was born a boy but identifies as a girl.

Yes, you're reading this right.

The filing stems from a decision announced last December by officials at Fountain-Fort Carson School District that Coy Mathis could no longer use the girls' bathroom at Eagleside Elementary.

Mother Kathryn Mathis said she and her husband were shocked.
Of course they were shocked, society has become so accepting of foolishness, that it has become the norm instead of the exception.

"We were very confused because everything was going so well, and they had been so accepting, and all of a sudden it changed and it was very confusing and very upsetting because we knew that, by doing that, she was going to go back to being unhappy." It is going to set her up for a lot of bad things."

No, they are the ones who are setting HIM up for bad things........and the last time I checked, having a penis officially makes him a male.
The child had attended classes during his kindergarten year with no problems and no complaints from anyone at the school, Mathis told reporters at the Colorado Capitol in Denver, where she was flanked by her husband, Jeremy, and four other children.
Thank God someone in that school system had the heart to stand up for what is right. Especially given the fact that this boy's Daddy isn't much of a father. No self respecting man would allow such nonsense to take place, or stand by and co-sign such deviant behavior.
This boys parents, and this transgender group want him to have the right to use the girls bathroom, but what about my right as a father to not have my little girl see a little boys penis!



  1. they wouldn't have to see a penis because news flash, girls have stalls.
    Also, most young children play this game called i'll show you yours if you show me mine. Its harmless and scientifically normal (i studied early childhood adolescent behavior)for young children to be curious about what goes on down there for the opposite sex. Most of us grow up knowing what the other sex looks like.
    Maybe you should grow a pair and learn to be a decent human being.

  2. At one point in time people who were black had no rights. They weren't even considered human. No one, has the right to take away an individuals right to be who they are. You cant change the colour of your skin and you sure as hell cant change how you feel on the inside.

  3. I have a pair big enough to say what I mean and mean what I say, and the biggest problem with people like you is the fact that you always preach tolerance, but are totally intolerant of someone else's opinion! Such hypocrisy is typical. I am will aware of the struggle for Black rights, and the nauseating comparisons to other struggles. The HUGE difference is that we as African-Americans never insisted that we be accepted based on gender just because.....We insisted that we be accepted because it would mean death otherwise! Genius!!!