Friday, February 1, 2013

The Greatest Thing I Ever Wrote

I stand 5 foot eleven, two-hundred forty pounds, a cool African-American shade of black.
On my own feet I stand planted flat, deeply rooted like an African tree.
I strive not just to survive, but live, and I am proud to say that I succeed.
Then I marvel at what God has done, and what he has allowed me to achieve.
I walk tall with my head held high, approaching each day with optimistic view.
Knowing that in each one there is profound purpose in what I call brand new.
I bend my knees, and thank him for all that I am, and all that I am not.
I thank him for wisdom courage and strength when I feel that I don't have a lot.
I have a hundred stars in my back pocket, that I can use to make me shine.
I have a hundred dreams that I will make come true.
Realizing them one at time.
This is the greatest thing that I've ever wrote, but I am bound get greater.
Just wait until you read my blog tomorrow, the next day, or a few weeks later.


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