Sunday, February 10, 2013

3 Reasons Why Nobody Diggs You At Work

1. You think that you know EVERYTHING!
But the mere fact that you believe this shows that you know nothing at all. Besides if you're such a genius, how did you end up working with people who you perceive to be nowhere near as smart as you are? Honestly, you're not there just because you love what you do, Einstein. You're there because you have to be.

2. You rat out everybody for everything to get on the boss' good side, and the boss can't stand you. Try doing a little less talking and a lot more listening, and if you insist on squealing like a stuck pig you should at least have your "thing" together. Don't show up late every day and then point the finger at someone else. For every finger that you point there are 3.....

3. You avoid soap, breath mints, combs, and brushes! Any place that does business is a place of business. If you don't care enough to at least wash your behind, it's pretty safe to say that you don't care about business. If it just so happens that you care more about business, (someone else's business), than soap and water, you need intense therapy, & Jesus. Correction, Jesus & intense therapy......On second thought you just need JESUS!!!


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