Monday, February 4, 2013

Who Cares About..........

......Chris Brown acting a fool all of the time? The fact of the matter is, that this kid needs to fire all of his "yes men" and hire people who will be honest enough to tell him when he is messing up, people who care more about him than his money, and who will keep him off of Twitter.

........Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Kanye has never fully recovered from the loss of his mother so he's looking to fill that void. Kim Kardashian will latch on to any wealthy black dude who will raise her profile or her "career". By the way, if we stopped talking about her, she wouldn't have forget I mentioned her.

..........whether Beyonce' lip synced at the Presidential inauguration, as long as the record didn't skip, it doesn't matter.

...........all of those gang members murdering each other in Chicago. More than 500 last year! Wait a minute, they weren't all gang members, and even gang members are somebody's children.

...........the unemployment rate in the Black community? We don't need jobs because money grows on trees, and a rising tide lifts all boats. But only if you have a boat, and are already in the water.

...........the fact that private prison companies are cutting deals in some states to build prisons if the state can guarantee that the prison will be filled to 90 percent capacity. Nobody can possibly guarantee that. Right? Or can they?

............what everybody else thinks. You can't please everybody, and everybody is not trying to please you. You should only be concerned with pleasing, God, your spouse, and the I.R.S. You don't want to make any of them angry!

Some things are news and other things are distractions from the issues. We choose whether to be informed or distracted. Or sometimes both depending on the day. Which one do you choose?


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