Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Conservatives Are Mad At The First Lady

Almost every other week there seems to be some sort of childish, petty Conservative criticism of Michelle Obama. Everything from her weight, which isn't even an issue, to her decision to wear a sleeveless dress, has been discussed, tweeted, editorialized, and parodied with an extreme venomous intent never before levied against any First Lady in the history of the United States. It seems that she just can't do anything right in their eyes.
Her latest crime, appearing via video stream from the White House at the Academy Awards this past Sunday to present the award for best picture.
Here are just a few of the scathing remarks from some conservative media "talking heads".
Jennifer Rubin, a political blogger for the Washington Post criticized The First Lady's speech, claiming she,
“feels entitled,” and that “both the president and the first lady seem small and grasping.”

Translation: "Who does think she is? She doesn't deserve to be there."

Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin and Fox News host Todd Starnes tweeted their own grievances.
“Can POTUS and FLOTUS just relocate the White House to Hollywood and be done with it? #oscars2013,″

Translation: "I'm tired of seeing these Black folks on T.V. ! It's bad enough that they're President & First Lady of the United States. But do I really have to keep looking at them for the next 4 years?"

Malkin tweeted, while Starnes tweeted,

“Tonight was supposed to be about Hollywood but Mrs. Obama made it about herself. #oscars.”

Translation: "No one at the Academy Awards, should have been upstaged by a woman who wouldn't have even been allowed into the building years ago, much less one who is now the first African-American First Lady."

In all honesty, the uproar over Michele Obamas appearance had nothing to do with her trying to steal the spotlight. After all former First Lady Laura Bush and former President Ronald Reagan both made appearances at previous academy awards, and they were not accused of trying to be "Hollywood".
The true nucleus of the criticism comes from envy, jealousy, and racism. Before I elaborate. It is important to first understand what Michelle Obama is not before these reasons are understood. Our First Lady is not a billion dollar Mamie, someone whose fame, influence, and smile puts America at ease. Nor is she a public figure who attempts to be affable or ingratiating. She is not apologetic for being herself. She is not the background to her husbands foreground, subject to the necessity of having to play politics.

Our First Lady is a dark-skinned, African-American woman whose elegance and class does not accurately reflect the image of the archetype that pervasive cultural conditioning has worked so hard to cultivate. Michelle Obama represents the abject debunking of the African-American woman as the over weight, under uneducated, baby mama, and the mythical welfare queen, and this shakes Conservatives to their core. Her outspokenness is labeled as elitist, bourgeois, and audacious, and her strength and confidence in who she is serves as an unnerving reminder of the fact that they are quickly becoming the new American minority. Mrs.Obama is not a racially ambiguous Black woman of questionable heritage that can be placed in a box marked other. She is the Black girl next door who could be one our wives, mother's, sister's or family member's. A woman who cannot be put in her place because she creates a place all her own.
In Conservative minds it is not enough that she has the prevailage of being FLOTUS, but she has to flaunt it by introducing a program designed to influence American children to eat healthy, appearing on Jimmy Fallon, and making an appearance at Hollywood's most sacred awards program, The Oscars.
Conservatives are mad a Michelle Obama just for being Michelle Obama.


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