Thursday, September 10, 2015


Most of us have sight. But how many of us have vision? Sight is the optical recognition of a physical form. It is a comfortable function designed for immediate recognition. Even if we are not familiar with what we see,we know for a fact that something is there.
Vision, however, is the ability to see the unseen. A visionary believes that his or her faith, passion, and drive, will manifest itself, becoming the realization of their hopes and dreams. They are a special breed of people who cannot see the future. But they believe that if they continue to stand on the promises of God and press on they can shape their own. Vision is not a mere wish or a hope. Vision is a plan put into action, and an idea that drives the visionary. Having vision is not easy in a world that encourages uniformity, and discourages individuality, and it is something that is not understood by most. But the most important part of being a visionary is that we understand what may never be understood by most.


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