Monday, September 28, 2015

Blame A Black Guy......Again

And in the latest installment of "Blame A Guy"...........
A South Dakota convicted felon has been taken into custody for lying to police about how he wound up in the emergency room being treated for a gunshot wound to his penis. Forty-three year old Donald Anthony Watson lied to police, telling them he had been shot by “a Black guy [who] tried to rob” him while he was taking the trash out at his apartment.

The problem was that law enforcement officers were not able to corroborate Watson’s version of attempted robbery. After obtaining a search warrant, officers found blood, bullet fragments, and an empty gun case inside Watson’s apartment, which directly disputed his version of events. Officers did not find any sign that a struggle had taken place.

A witness at Watson’s apartment complex told police that he heard screams of pain coming from Watson’s apartment around 1 a.m..

Watson was eventually forced to admit that the story about the Black guy trying to rob him was a complete fabrication. Watson eventually came clean about at least some of what happened, telling officers that he had put a handgun he was contemplating on purchasing in his pocket, where it accidentally fired, striking him in his genitals.

Watson refused to tell police where the gun was after the accident. He also refused to reveal who was selling the gun. Since Watson refused to share that information, he is being held solely responsible for all criminal charges related to the gun.

He was charged for weapons violations for being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun as well as for making a false report of a crime and false report of information to law enforcement.  He underwent surgery to treat his gunshot wound and is expected to fully recover. 

If only there was a clear for stupidity!


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