Saturday, September 19, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (9-19-2015)

Some people are bad drivers, some people are horrible drivers, and then there's this guy.........

A father in Brampton, Ontario, who was rushing his kids to school, apparently needs to take driving lessons.

The dad, whose name has not been released, decided to speed his Nissan SUV through a parking lot to avoid waiting at a red light. 

But pop never made it out of the parking lot. He crashed into two concrete poles and finally ended up with the SUV's back end sticking up in the air.

The particular parking lot where the father drove to avoid a traffic light is apparently a popular place to cut through, according to; hence, the addition of the yellow posts.

Neither the driver nor his two kids were injured by his post-haste post crash, but a special tow truck was required to remove the SUV from its precarious position.

I think it's pretty safe to say that these children were late for school.

.....and this week in "I have all of the time in the world to waste news".

When I think about an "expensive sandwich," I think truffle-encrusted filet mignon on a bun dusted with gold. Hmmm, and my birthday is right around the corner. 

But here's  a sandwich that will force you to think about where your food comes from. In his video How To Make Everything's Andy Wilson goes to great lengths to assemble a sandwich from scratch. That means spending 6 months and $1,500 dollars to grow vegetables, make salt from ocean water, pickle cucumbers, milk a cow, ride a cow (not required), turn that milk into cheese, grind flour from wheat, collect honey, and, perhaps most shockingly, slaughter a chicken.

But, oh, that first bite. So worth it. So delicious. But who has the time, & what knind of nut spends that much on a sandwich?!

Who says all big businesses are heartless?

An investment bank is helping the families of its employees who were killed on Sept. 11 build a bright future.

Sandler O’Neill & Partners, an investment banking firm once headquartered in the World Trade Center’s south tower has paid for the college tuitions of 54childrenof employees who died on Sept. 11, Oregon Live reported. Nearly two dozen children are still eligible for the grant.

"We wanted the families of the lost to know that we would always remember, that the passing years would never sweep this under the rug,” Andy Armstrong, one of the founders of the Sander O’Neill Assistance Foundation, that supports the educational expenses, told the news site.

The foundation was set up in the days following Sept. 11, to fund 100 percent of school expenses for the children of the 66 employees who died. Alongside the initiative, the firm paid full salaries to victims’ dependents throughout the end of 2001 along with health insurance forthe next decade, Forbes reported.

“There was a moment in time to stand up," one of the firm’s partners, Jimmy Dunne, told Oregon live. “Because we believed that what we did would echo for a hundred years in the families of our people, their kids and their grandkids.”

According to the news site, there are 22 remaining children eligible for the foundation's assistance -- the youngest is now 13 years old.


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  1. That really dumb father attempting to avoid a traffic light is just too STUPID for words. It's a blessing that the gas tank didn't explode and incinerate the children.