Monday, September 28, 2015

The Most Evil Man In America!!!

In 2012, George "The New O.J." Zimmerman was acquitted in murder death of Trayvon Martin, but he continues to prove that he is the lowest form of human life in the history of America. He just won’t go away. There are many parallels between George Zimmerman and O.J. Simpson. But the difference is, karma finally caught up to O.J. But for some strange reason karma continues to miss Zimmerman. FOR NOW.

Since his acquittal, Zimmerman hasn’t done much with his life besides trolling people on social media. And on Friday, he doubled down on Martin’s death by retweeting a photo of Martin’s dead body after a ‘fan’ tweeted it to him.

Shortly after retweeting the photo, Twitter users reported it to Twitter and it was removed, but that didn’t stop users from tweeting about Zimmerman’s stupidity.

@twitter please delete George Zimmerman's account for posting Trayvon Martin's dead body and bragging about it.

— Mx RaeNora (@reynor)September 28, 2015

There are plenty of innocent people living on Death Row. Meanwhile George Zimmerman is tweeting pictures of an innocent black kid he killed.

— John (@linnyitssn)September 27, 2015

George Zimmerman is filth. His life has no value. He is less than a pig. He is human waste. His death will be a cause for celebration.

— Not So Slim Jesus (@Joe_Schmucc) September 27, 2015

The more we learn about George Zimmerman, the more we evident it is that Trayvon Martin should be the one still alive.

— Kwame Rose (@kwamerose) September 26, 2015

Zimmerman seems to not have any regrets in his life when it comes to Martin’s death, and he’s seemed to escape karma pretty well. But one can only escape it but so many times.

No more words...........

Read all about the next George "The New O.J." Zimmerman debacle in a few months. Hopefully the fickle finger of fate will have caught up to him by then.


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  1. "Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb." Psalm 37: 1 & 2