Saturday, September 12, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (9-12-2015)

 Nicola Austen should win the mother of the year award!! When her daughter turned 18 in February, the 37-year-old decided they should celebrate in high style.

So, Austen purchased 12 bags of cocaine weighing a total of 8.65 grams, according to prosecutors at Maidstone Crown Court in England.

Austen was sentenced earlier this week to a nine-month suspended sentence and 250 hours of unpaid work, South West News Service reports.


Prosecutor Craig Evans said Austen and her daughter planned to celebrate the girl's 18th birthday in London.

“They were going to London in a limousine and she wanted to make sure they had a good time,” Evans told the court.

But mother and daughter missed out on the London high life. On Jan. 31, police stopped by to talk with Austen, who had six previous convictions, one for possessing amphetamine in 2010.  

After a police dog at the house sniffed out the cocaine, Austen admitted to officers that she got it for her daughter's birthday celebration.

Despite the previous convictions, the judge decided not to send Austen to jail because she has a young son who would suffer if she were incarcerated

Hmmmm.....that has never stopped American judges.


It’s impossible to see straight when you’re in desperate need of a nap.

So, we can totally relate to this poor little tot who is spooked at the sight of her own shadow. On Thursday, Facebook user Mike Jacobs posted a video of his daughter fumbling and stumbling around a parking lot, with a female voice presumably the tagged Sharain Jackson-Jacobsasking if the little girl is ready for a nap. 

The video has racked up over 9 million views as of Friday afternoon. 

Seeing her own shadow, the toddler screams and attempts to run away from her shadow which, sadly, follows her and causes her to tumble backward in an adorable little fit.

I'm not sure whether this is offensive or a group of people being hyper-sensitive. 

A Texas restaurant worker was fired after calling a group of customers “5 black guys” on a receipt, local reports said.

A round of whisky sours purchased for a co-worker and her friends Friday night led Jarian Walker to notice how the server described his group at Zenna Restaurant in Dallas.

He found the receipt for $6 worth of drinks “offensive.”

“I looked at it and when I saw where it said customer name, it said five black guys,” Walker said.

The decision to describe them in this way was undoubtedly a bad idea, but.....

Another bargoer in Walker’s party, Michael Brown, agrees with Walker's sentiment.

“You could have just put five guys at the bar. That should have been sufficient,” Brown said. “You didn’t have to put five black guys.”

But they are five black guys!

A handful of the restaurant's employees defended the waiter and said not only was he a new hire, he was new to the country.

Employees at times rely on ethnic descriptions to identify customers during busy hours, but it’s not intended as a slur, one manager told the TV station.

Regardless, the snafu resulted in his termination.

Another slighted customer, Maiya Harshaw, said the waiter, who was not identified, could have described the card holder in a number of ways including the man in a red shirt next to “the other guy in the hat.”



  1. Glad he was fired. Why "describe" the patrons anyway? What was the point? What if he had said: a roly-poly woman, two men-both gay; a lesbian and a handicapped child with rotten teeth? This could get out of hand, right?

  2. I could see how this could be offensive. But, not necessarily a big enough deal to complain about. I think they were more shocked.