Thursday, January 8, 2015

She Turned Down How Much?

We've all made mistakes before, and we've all had to apologize. But this man found 975 million ways to say "I'm sorry", and apparantly it still didn't work.

The ex-wife of oil billionaire Harold Hamm has rejected his check for roughly $975 million, a payment meant to satisfy a judge’s recent divorce decree.

An Oklahoma judge ordered Mr. Hamm, the chief executive of Continental Resources Inc., to pay his former wife, Sue Ann Arnall, nearly $1 billion to settle the couple’s contentious 2 ½ year divorce. But on Monday, in a confusing attempt to hold out, she rejected the check, lawyers for Mr. Hamm and Ms. Arnall confirmed Tuesday.

Ms. Arnall, who was also awarded two homes, a ranch, Mr. Hamms left arm, and other assets worth another several million dollars, is appealing the judge’s divorce ruling, saying it shortchanges her 26-year marriage. She is seeking a divorce settlement of several billion dollars!! 

This woman is not greedy! I repeat. This woman is not greedy! But, she is hurt, and she will not be content until she hurts her ex husband by driving him straight  to bankruptcy. 



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