Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mom On Strike!!

Are your teenagers driving you crazy? Not listening, not paying attention, and you know, by just being teenagers. This Mom has decided to strike. I mean literally.

Teen daughters who are not as nice as they should be to their mother? Unfortunately this is old news. But that is exactly what a single North Carolina mom is claiming, and she’s not taking it sitting down, so to speak.

Naasira Muhammad, of Winston-Salem, made a “Mom on Strike!” sign and began marching up and down the sidewalk in front of her house about a week ago after, she says, one of the teens keyed her new minivan. I am amazed at the fact that Muhammed did not strangle one of them!

“I’m to the point where I’m just so frustrated, so to keep my hands off my kids or to keep me from doing something crazy, I just decided to go on strike,” Muhammad said.  “I walk up and down the sidewalk until my knees hurt, and then I sit down.”

Before launching the strike, the frustrated mother called police to report that her van had been keyed by one of her daughters, whose names and ages were not released. But officers told Muhammad that they couldn’t do anything without eyewitnesses, the report says.

“My children have everything that they could possibly want and need, but yet still, they are disrespectful,” Muhammad said. “They are rude. They think that I’m the meanest mom in the world. They think they can survive without me, so I said, you know what? That’s fine. This mom is going on strike.”

As for the daughters, their aunt forced them to make "gratitude signs" and march alongside their mother, according to local media sources.

One girl’s sign read, “Thank you mom for providing for me, caring for me, and loving me,” the report says.

It was unclear whether talks were under way to end the strike. ABC news contacted Muhammad last week but she declined to comment.

Not listening and or being disobedient is one thing. But keying your mothers car?! That's one violent thing that deserves much more than a strike. At least not the one where you stop doing anything. 



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