Thursday, January 1, 2015

Boy Goes Nuts In a The Dollar Store!!

The first thing I thought when I saw this video was, where's my belt? The second thing I thought was, where are his parents? But by the end of the video the only thing I thought was, this boy needs help.

It lasted over three minutes and didn’t end until a bystander got fed up and decided to step in.

It was all captured on video by someone who not only followed the boy on his rampage, but narrated it.

“Boy we got a jit [slang term for young boy] goin ham [slang for "hard as a mother****er"] in the dollar store,” the man chuckles. “I’m talkin ’bout jit is goin ham in the dollar store. Believe that. I’m talking ’bout, jit is mad, jit don’t got no family, jit say ‘f*** this s***.’ Definitely, cereal everywhere. Jit is crazy.”

While the boy went unhindered for a good amount of time, a man who can be seen entering the store earlier in the video finally had enough. Instead of standing by and laughing, he stepped in and tracked the boy down, eventually carrying him out of the store by the back of his shirt.

There is a second video from the incident that is spreading on Facebook. It shows the good Samaritan holding the boy down on the ground while apparently waiting for police. It’s unclear if the poster is the person who took the original video. But for what it’s worth, his Facebook profile says he is located in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Notice that this child never says a word, and seems very disturbed. I hope his parents absence is not an indication of how much they care for him. Surely there must have been extenuating circumstances, although I can't imagine what they are. One thing I do know is that this little boy needs help that goes far beyond any that the police can give him.


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