Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mom & Dad Turned Them In.

I have always thought that the whole "stop snitching" thing was nonsense. It's easy not to talk to the police or the authorities when it's not your Grandmother or your child who gets killed. But what if it is? Let's go one step further, what if the person you thought about snitching on is a family member?

Caught on camera! Nine cameras caught their every move. 
Five teenage boys hid in the bushes outside of Tech Boyz, an electronic store in Fayetteville, North Carolina, at 3:30 a.m. on December 29. When the coast was clear, the video shows one of the teens smashing a window and unlocking the door. Then, all five boys were seen entering the store, helping themselves to more than $3,000 in laptops and cell phones. When the security alarm sounded, the teens ran out of the store and vanished into the night. 

The footage was crystal clear, with some of the cameras catching the action in black-and-white video, while others relied on night vision. To the average person, the five teens may have been unrecognizable. 

But somebody did recognize two of them. When the video was broadcast on a local news station on New Years Eve, the parents of two of the boys, ages 14 and 16, realized their sons might be involved in the robbery. 

The next morning, they took their sons to the Fayetteville Police Station and turned them in. "It's admirable that they did that," officer Antoine Kincade said. Sometimes, folks just aren't going to do that."

Police said that the brothers were supposed to be sleeping at an older sibling's house that night, but apparently went out with their friends instead to rob the store. Kincade, who declined to name the minors, said the boys claimed they were "peer pressured" into committing the crime. Their cases will be handled in juvenile court. The stolen goods have not yet been recovered, and the case is still open. 

At least one person was thankful for the parents' decision: store owner Jesse Hill. "To the ones who turned them in, thank you," he said. I hate if it's your kids, but thank you for doing the right thing." 

Just in case any other teens get the same idea, Hill says that he and his business partner have invested in a large safe and a louder alarm. More over, they're buying more cameras, high definition ones that shoot in color.

Okay, you know what the inevitable question is. But before I ask, I'll tell you straight up. No, I would not turn my children in, at least not for what these boys are accused of doing. Especially if means that it could have a negative impact on their futures. They were charged as juveniles but as far as I know the parents had absolutely no way of knowing that. Depending on the state, their records could be either sealed or expunged once they reach a certain age. But I would not have taken that chance. The parents definitely did the right thing. But it's probably not what I would have done......


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