Friday, January 30, 2015

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (1-31-2015)

When I read this story I automatically thought, PLEASE DON'T BE BLACK!!

But it looks like I was wrong!!!!! AHHHH!!!

Someone in Jacksonville, Florida may be getting ready to throw a Super Bowl bash for the ages -- at the expense of a local barbecue restaurant.

Last Wednesday, a robber broke into Jerome Brown BBQ and stole $4,000 worth of ribs, chicken, wings and fries from the restaurant, reports.

The rib-loving robber gained entry by prying open a side door and also took away an empty cash register before winging it out the door.

Surveillance video caught the BBQ burglar in the act, but the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office have yet to track down a suspect.

The JSO noted on its facebook page that the saucy suspect "may be getting ready to throw a Super Bowl Party!"

Ericka Morris, the manager of Jerome Brown BBQ, is making no bones about her desire to nab the thief.

"The incident that happens hurts everybody."  Morris told ABC News. “It hurts employees, managers and the business owners. We wish whoever knows something about it, just turn them in. A close friend might know him. Just turn him in, because it’s hurting everybody.”

...........These two IDIOTS.............

These two dumb thieves were arrested by Houston Police after they allegedly uploaded selfies taken with a stolen iPad to the owner's iCloud account.

Dorian Walker-Gaines, 20, and Dillian Thompson, 22 were arrested on Jan. 21 for felony theft.

They stole the iPad, $5,000 and other items from an unlocked car on Jan. 8, according to an arrest report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

The report said the victim of the theft, Stewart Schaefer, noticed the incriminating photos were uploaded just hours after he reported his cash and iPad stolen.

He was also soon alerted to a YouTube video clip featuring Walker-Gaines and Thompson fanning out $100 bills and declaring themselves members of the "money team."

“This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle,” Walker-Gaines says in the video.

Schaefer told that he had the "Find my iPad" app, but it was turned off shortly after the device was stolen. 

When officials at an elementary school in Gustine, Texas, kept finding poop on the gym floor, they decided to get to the bottom of the matter.....


But their method of investigation has parents and students raising a stink.

On Monday, officials at Gustine Elementary rounded up 24 students, and divided them up by gender. Then the kids were ordered to pull down their pants far enough so educators could see if there were any tell-tale fecal stains.

Eliza Medina, 11, was embarrassed by the "poop inspection."

"I felt uncomfortable, and I didn't want to do it," Eliza Medina, 11, told WFAA TV. "I felt like they violated my privacy."

Eliza's mom, Marina Medina, said that she understands how frustrating fences on the floor can be, but it isn't any excuse to partially strip search students.

"I was furious... I mean, I was furious," Medina said, according to KHOU TV. "If you can't do your job or you don't know what you're doing, you need to be fired. You shouldn't be here."

Gustine Independent School District Superintendent Ken Baugh is investigating the matter in hopes of getting the story straight. He said his understanding was that children were told to lower their pants just a little.

Eliza Medina said the "poop inspection" went further. "Like... to where your butt is," is how she phrased it, according to the Washington Times.

Baugh hopes to have the investigation wrapped up by Thursday's school board meeting, where some angry parents are expected to give officials a lot of crap.


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