Monday, September 30, 2013

The Republican Party Just Doesn't Give A.........

It is no secret that The Replican Party vehemently despises President Obama, and will do whatever it takes to cast a dark tarnish  his legacy. The GOP bungled both elections by giving credence to its radical off shoot faction, (the Tea Party), and now they are determined to block the law that will define President Obamas presidency, The Affordable Care Act. They are willing to sacrifice the entire country in an effort to defeat Barack Obama. Make no mistake about it. Their threatening to shut down the government has NOTHING to do with stopping "Obama Care", and EVERYTHING to do with stopping President Obama. Similar bills have been introduced in the past by Republican's with little if any opposition. So the only reason for the lies, deception, and propaganda regarding the Affordable Care Act is personal. That's why they coined the phrase "Obama Care" to associate universal health care with a man instead of the reformation of the health care system for the good of the American people.
Congress will not approve a budget that includes the Affordable Health Care Act, causing a Government shut down of all non-essential departments. Of course these departments are extremely essential to those who work for them, and depend on their jobs to put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads. 
Perhaps the worst aspect of a government shut down is the fact that those brave men and women in the armed forces WILL NOT get paid. Those who so selflessly give of themselves, and would gives their lives for this country would not be compensated because of the dubious decision of a gaggle of angry old men who's hatred for President Obama is greater than the needs of this country. 
The G.O.P does not truely care about America. All this cantankerous, antiquated party cares about is sticking to the first Black president of the United States.

As of this writing America is 10 hours away from a possible shut down, and by the time this is published a decision will have been made to either move this country forward or continue to hold it hostage.

At the time if this publishing the government is shut down!!


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