Monday, September 9, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Being Miserable

We've all know at least 1. That person who is ALWAYS miserable. They walk around with their heads down acting as is somebody either kicked their dog or left their birthday cake out in the rain. But 9 times out of 10 whatever has them twisted is never really that serious. Here are 3 reasons why none of us should be miserable.

1. In life things happen, they always have and always will. Worrying about things that you cannot control takes far too much time and energy. Time and energy that can be used to improve the situations that you can control.

2. You bring everybody in church down when you go to the alter "frowned up" each and every Sunday looking like God can't do it. Maybe he hasn't done it because you don't truly believe he can. Walking in misery does not bring a blessing.

3. You give up your joy, and relinquish your power to the circumstance or the source of your discontent. This makes you a slave to your trouble and solves nothing what so ever. Ask yourself. Is a life without joy, a life at all?



  1. Excellent! I totally agree. Life is what you make it. The joy of the Lord is our strength! You have to choose to be happy. When you're feeling down, lift yourself up by counting your blessings.