Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If Obama Had A Son He'd Look Just Like......

Conservative mean-spiritedness knows no limits, and they will never pass up an opportunity to take a jab at the president. Each low is even lower, and each and every attempt at venomous defamation shines a brighter light on a party whose representatives seem Inherently evil. Each and every time I think that they can't go any further into the gutter. They surprise me. 

In a speech shortly after Trayvon Martin was murdered the president said that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon.
"The Right" had a field day criticizing President Obama for his comment which wasn't a shock at all given the fact that many of them live and breathe to critique the Presidents every move.
But some comments, and criticisms go way too far.
The Internet has been abuzz with the ignorant musings of psychos who seem to be happy that the shooter responsible for the murderous rampage in the Navy Yard in Washington (Aaron Alexis), is African-American. Some have even gone so far as to say that if Obama had a son he would look like Alexis. In yet another attempt to demonize the President of The United States, conservatives, and their minions have sank to the bottom of the ocean. To imply that the president some how identifies or empathizes with a mass murderer is nothing short of divisive, and insulting to Trayvon Martin's family. He was the victim of gun violence, and not a violent perpetrator. In applying the Presidents original statement to this incident, "the right" tries to draw a parallel between Trayvon Martin and Aaron Alexis where none exists. A dangerous parallel, not much different than that of a rape victim being accused of being at fault by somehow bringing the crime on themselves. The victim who by definition is not at fault is somehow assigned a level of culpability. Applying the statement " If the President had a son, he would look like", is a tongue in cheek way of comparing a victim to a perpetrator, and signaling that President Obama has an implied sympathy or empathy for both Trayvon Martin and Aaron Alexis. This is nothing more than a subliminal attempt to super impose the image of a criminal and a victim who both have black faces. An effort to blur the lines, and stoke the fires of radical racial fear. The mocking speaks volumes once  you read between the lines.


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