Monday, July 1, 2013

How Much Did Michael Jackson Really Love Children?

Michael Jackson is probably the most famous entertainer to ever walk the face of the earth, and by far the most talented. He was an enigma to say the least, and the poster boy for human implosion. Just about everybody loved him but, you never really got the impression that he loved himself. He's been gone for 4 years now and new accusations in reference to his fondness for pre-pubescent boys have arisen that threaten to further tarnish his legacy.
michael jackson

A British newspaper is alleging the late Michael Jackson paid $35 million to over 20 boys who he allegedly molested over a 15-year span.

Britain’s Sunday People, quoted secret FBI files that contained notes from private investigatorAnthony Pellicano where he described Jackson as a “serial child predator”.

Pellicano cites 24 different boys who Jackson allegedly molested, the list included five child actors and two dancers. Most notably Wade Robson was included on the list, Robson recently claimed Jackson molested him as a child despite denying it as a child.

The tabloid magazine also claims Jackson was caught groping a famous child star, molesting a boy in a theater where his mom sat seats away and watching porn while molesting another boy on another occasion.

In 2005, Jackson was cleared of molestation charges.

I have never wanted to believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester even in the face of his creepy obsession with little boys. Michael has always seemed as if he transcended humanity in a way that put him above all perversion. We've all watched him morph over the years from a young black man to some sort of  racially ambiguous almost A-sexual being and we have all accepted it because he is Michael Jackson. He was so ingrained in american culture, our lives, and memories that he kind of took on the role of an eccentric family member who is loved and accepted for who they are. So when stories surfaced about him sharing his bed with little boys, many of us dismissed it as Michael just being Michael. It has even been said that he surrounded himself with children because his fame had never afforded him the luxury of having a childhood like the rest of us. Both excuses sounded good, and we felt quite comfortable breathing a collective sigh of relief. Because after all the King of Pop is not like everyone else. If such stories surfaced about any other famous defendant who had the gall to build an amusement park in his yard, entertain, throngs of little boys, and let them sleep in his bed, we would all be angry.

Michael seemed convincing enough in an interview when he scoffed at the vile assertion that having sleep-over's with children was anything more than innocent, and you kind of got the impression that he is so detached from reality that he didn't recognize his odd affection as inappropriate behavior. Although a case can be made for allegedly paying $35 million in hush money.

But the fact of the matter is, whether he was cognoscente or aware of his actions, is irrelevant. It is what it is. A little more than inappropriate, a little more than bad judgement, and a lot more than anyone will ever know. Michael Jackson took the truth to his grave.


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