Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rape Shirts!?

There are some things in this world that only require 1 adjective. They do not require elaborate, complex, or extensive explanations, because their mere existence speaks loud and clear.
disagreeable; unpleasant; objectionable: ugly tricks; ugly discords.
morally revolting: ugly.

This past Saturday The Twitter-sphere erupted in anger after discovering shirts listed on Amazon with a slogan that appeared to promote rape and violence against women.
The shirt read "Keep Calm and Rape On" and was available on Amazon's UK website. The company responsible for offering this atrocious shirt, Solid Gold Bomb, removed the listing after it was notified of the slogan.The company also removed a shirt with the slogan "Keep Calm and Hit Her."

Solid Gold Bomb apologized, saying the slogans were computer generated and the company did not deliberately create them.

Users also focused their anger on Amazon for listing the shirts.
"Amazon fail,"
tweeted user Richard Machtel.
Amazon's spokesman in Britain, Ben Howes, gave a statement to CNN saying, "I can confirm that those items are not available for sale."
According to Amazon these t-shirts were sold on a print to order basis. But whether the shirts were actually printed or not doesn't make a difference. The fact that Amazon allowed such salacious, offensive material to be sold on its website is disturbing, and what is even more disturbing is the fact that there would have been no action taken if there was no outrage. It is difficult to believe that a company as renowned and reputable as Amazon, had no idea that something they were selling such morally apprehensible


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