Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Myth Down The Drain

We've been had! We've been took! We've been hood winked! We've been bamboozled, and after careful research yet another myth has gone the way of Bigfoot, and the Easter Bunny. The glaring difference between this particular fairy tale and the others, is the fact that it has been repeated so often that it has been taken at face value, and has caused extensive damage to the Black community.
For years it has been repeated ad nauseam, and the effects has reverberated for generations.
"There are more black men incarcerated, than there are in college."
I take great delight both in writing, and telling all who will listen that this is emphatically, and unequivocally WRONG!
According to The U.S. Department of Education and The Department of Justice, the number of Black men in college is more than 1.4 million versus the 824,340 who were incarcerated. That is a difference of over 575,660 Black men. A huge number by any stretch of the imagination.
This falsehood has probably done more to the psyche of African-American men that any other lie that has been told. Because it is easier to be the norm, than it is to strive to be the exception. Even if the norm is negative. The exception is almost seen as unattainable because so few have achieved it. Imagine how many more Black men would be in institutions of higher learning today had it not been for this repetitious myth.


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  1. LOL--that was part of the process of denigrating us, and it looks like "they" were trying real hard to make it come true.