Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Over Monday

I do not like Monday's. The weekend is over, and I can no longer spend my days doing the things that I enjoy. The minute that my alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, I lose complete autonomy. I have to start doing what I have to do for 5 long days instead of what I want to do for 2. I have to leave the comfort of my home for 10-12 hours and go out into the world and make a living. But a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

Many studies have been conducted to see the correlation between moods and the day of the week. In a recent survey involving 202 people, participants were asked what they thought their mood was for each day of the week. Most of the people believed their worst moods were on a Monday, with 65% believing Monday morning was the worst, and 35% believed Monday evening was their worst mood. Most of the participants believed their best moods were on Friday evenings (43%), and Saturday morning (45%). So are their feelings because of the day or, a state of mind.

It is impossible to know everybody's story. Of course, circumstances vary. But my own personal method for fighting a case of "the Monday's" is to not only think about where I was, but I also think about where I could be. There have been a few Monday mornings when I didn't have a place to go, and I would begin and end each week searching for a job. Those were dark days. But through the grace of God, I always had a roof over my head, and I never missed a meal. When it was all said and done, I not only found a job, but I found a better job than the one I lost. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I could be in the same predicament all over again. In a desperate search without a time set on my alarm clock alerting me to get up and go. Then I immediately snap out of it, and I realize how blessed I truly am. Grateful for another day that I can go out, make a living, and feed my family.
It is important that we do not take our blessings for granted because many people are not as favored, and never will be.


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