Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Please Consider The Environment

I know what you're thinking, and no, this is not about global warming, or ice caps, or the ozone layer. I am not overly concerned about any of these things. Ok, I'll be honest. I am not concerned with these things at all. There are too many important things in life, for me to waste time on trivial concerns.
The only environment that I am concerned with is one of comfort and safety for my family and me. It is also important for me to engage in behavior that helps create a positive environment everywhere I go. But some people have a twisted idea, or no idea of what this concept is all about.

Whenever I get an e-mail from one particular co-worker, at the very bottom it says "Please consider the environment. Do not print this e-mail unless absolutely necessary." I guess it means that he is trying to save trees or not create more waste. Who knows what his intentions are. Each and every time I get mail from him and scroll down, I shake my head and wonder what he is trying to prove. Given the fact that he is by far the biggest jerk that I have ever met, I am somewhat puzzled by his attention to paper. This rotund ray of sunshine, never misses an opportunity to make a cutting remark, a sarcastic quip, or exercise his proclivity for mean spiritedness. The ironic thing is, the very same individual, sponsors MS walks, participates in charity events, and drives a tiny economy car to cut down on pollution. His only concern seems to be causes, campaigns, and propaganda. Not people. It seems almost implausible that someone who feels the need to urge the recipients of each and every whiny e-mail that he sends, to consider the environment, especially given the fact that he obviously does not consider the environment that he creates by being insolent, insulting, and inconsiderate.

Our actions speak volumes, and empty gestures say nothing. Things should never take priority over people, and we must realize that the way we treat each other says a lot about who we are. We must consider the environment that we create. Anyone can play a game of make believe, but not everyone can make you believe.


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