Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No, I Insist, (On Myself)

We all know them. They may even be a co- worker, a family member, an acquaintance or someone who has some level of notoriety. People who insist upon themselves! These are the people who act as if they hold the keys that unlock the secret to the mysteries of life....at age 30.
These are the people who must always be noticed. Some believe that they're never wrong, and other's know when they are, but will never admit it. These insisting, self aggrandizing people pride themselves on being rebellious with absolutely no cause. They have been known to OWN a network, create a show called "Master Class" and then talk about themselves on the show. LOL! But seriously, insisting upon ones self is nothing but the step child of American Exceptional ism in an individual form. It is a thought process by which those of us who live in the United States have been so accustomed to freedom and choice that we constantly insist that our individual needs be met immediately. These needs are often little more than desires with a drastic sense of urgency to the insistent, which really doesn't qualify them as needs at all. I do not believe that any of us do this intentionally but, I do believe that we all do it, some more than other's.
We all have that co-worker. You know, the one who knows everything except for the fact that he or she really doesn't know anything. This person is that dedicated to the extreme employee who constantly says "we" in reference to themselves and the company as if their name is on the door. They walk around totally oblivious to the fact that the boss doesn't really like them, and they think that insisting upon themselves makes them smart, witty, and cute, instead of dumb, dull, and boring.
At times, our own children insist upon themselves. Tell your child that they can't do something or have something, and they will always ask why. As if any reason would possibly be good enough for them not to do whatever it is they want to do, or have whatever it is that they desire. Not that they have the right to demand an answer to begin with, but they will keep asking any way. Insisting upon themselves.
Here are some prime examples of people who insist upon themselves.
People who keep a blue tooth earpiece in their ear 24 hours a day, seven days a week, & you never see them actually use it are........insisting upon themselves.
People who are in their 40's with a brand new tattoo are........insisting upon themselves.
Police who pull you over and give you a ticket for doing 40 in a 25 when there are REAL crimes being committed elsewhere, are.......say it with me, insisting upon themselves. Like I, I mean, most people don't pay enough taxes as it is.
People who put back to back, to back posts on social networking sights acting as if they specialize in profundity are........well, you know.
Last but not least, people who use words like profundity in their blogs definitely insist upon themselves. Hey, wait a minute.......I guess that means that I.......


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