Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is Romance Dead?

In the world we live in it seems as if romance has become old fashioned. It is rarely portrayed, celebrated or promoted. In fact I think most people confuse sex with romance. But they are far from being one in the same. In a media driven society sexuality has been used as a tool to promote goods and services, and sell just about anything and everything. But romance does not start between your legs and end minutes later. It starts in your heart, it is planned in your mind, and manifested by your actions. Romance requires effort, and a desire to show the one you love how special they are to you. In other words it is a way to execute your love. It could be a candle lit dinner. It could be a foot massage, a dozen roses, or just time spent with your arms wrapped around one another. True romance is a treasure to be found inside of a world shared by just the two of you, and only dies if it is abandoned by time and familiarity. It means loving your mate for everything that they are, and not for everything that they can give you. Romance means giving your all with no expectations, and opening your heart to reciprocation. Is romance dead? Only if you let the world define your feelings, and dictate how you express your love. If you follow your heart then romance will live in all of its beauty, and shine bright like an everlasting flame. Love and romance go hand in hand, and there is no greater compliment for one than the other.


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