Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I hate having to write this.......but, it is what it is. If the reports are to be believed, the man who has often been referred to as  "Americas favorite dad", Dr. William H. Cosby, admitted in a 2005 deposition that he purchased qualueds with the sole intention of drugging women to have sex with them.

The latest revelations seem to not only validate the accusations of the 30 women who've accused Cosby of drugging and raping them. But they also mark the end of a seemingly stellar career spanning some 50 plus years.  The news is shocking, disgusting and disappointing to say the least. While Cosby is still one of the most wealthy entertainers in the world his legacy has been destroyed and his name has become synonymous with rape, hypocrisy and scandal. 
Many people, myself included, have defended Mr. Cosby in the midst of these unspeakable allegations. Mainly because of his reputation and the improbabity that such a rich and famous man would have to drug and rape anybody. But the facts remain, and he is guilty by his own admission. Those of us in the black community who are conspiracy theorists have floated the idea that "the white man" is on a mission to take down Bill Cosby, and that is the reason for these 40 year old allegations and the relentless pursuit of the truth amid the quagmire. Let's just say for the sake of argument that the there is a conspiracy. The next question we must ask ourselves is. Who gave "the white man" the ammunition to take Cosby down? Bill Cosby Himself, no pun intended!
One of the most important life lessons that it seems some people never grasp or learn is that we cannot do what everyone else does and expect the same result or consequences or lack there of. Especially not if your African-American. After all, America is a country that is built on double standards. Just this morning it was announced that Prosecuters have decided to pursue criminal charges against Bill Cosby despite the statute of limitations having run out. Reruns of all of Cosby's shows have been pulled from the air and Disney has plans to remove a bronze statue of Cosby from a celebrity theme section. Yes, there is no doubt that Bill Cosby has commuted some atrocious acts. But if acts of atrocity become the standard by which we decide who's likeness or image is allowed to be seen in public, wouldn't it be fair to remove at least one of the faces from Mount Rushmore and remove every image of Christopher Columbus from every public place in America?


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