Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Girl Takes Gang Rape Selfie!!

The following story and photo are without a doubt the most disturbing that I've ever seem or read. It represents a disgusting sign of the times and a rapid degeneration of our youth. 

A photo surfaced on Twitter Thursday that shows a Black man being forced at gunpoint to perform oral sex on a group of young Black men in an alley.

A smiling young Black woman is seen in the foreground of the photo in selfie positioBehind the woman in the narrow red-bricked alley, a Black man wearing a blue t-shirt can be seen on his knees, his back toward the camera, with his face in the crotch of a Black man standing over him. The man is wearing a white t-shirt and with his right hand is pointing a handgun at the man on the man kneeling before him. His left hand is in a controlling position on the back of the victim’s head. The rapist’s face can not been seen as he is looking backward to his fellow rapists.

The vim’s face can not be seen in the photo.

At least six other Black men can be seen crowded in behind the gunman. One standing on his right appears to be undoing his pants to be the next one to orally rape the victim.

On the left of the gunman is a man smiling and giving the finger to the camera.

As you all know, the vast majority of my stories involve racism, simply because it is and always has been a prevalent part of the American landscape. It is a subject that cannot be ignored or forgotten. Whether it is the criminal justice system, economic inequality, or injustice of any kind I can always seem to flesh out the results of these disadvantages. But there are some things that are indefensible and have nothing to do with racism. I cas or rationalize gang sodomy or taking a stupid smiling selfie during gang sodomy as the effect related to a cause. These children are the awful offspring of obviously bad parents. No, I don't know them all, but I suspect you'd be hard pressed to find a child in the group with "decent" parents. Maybe they should be held responsible!!!


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  1. The bad parenting is mostly bad female parenting since 68% of all black households are female head of household & most black fathers are absentee.
    This is the result of how most black women raise their children. This is what happens when whole groups of ppl don't care abt their own children.

    No wonder so many black men leave black women & choose non black women who don't treat them like crap or go mgtow bc they can't take the horrors of being with black women anymore.

    Most black women treat everyone like crap, including each other. They're manly, violent, loud, criminal, abusive, irresponsible, fake, aggressive, uncaring, ignorant, ungrateful, disrespectful whores who squeeze out any guy's kid for welfare, gofundme, child support & handouts. They start all that out in early adolescence. Then they call the cops, who they claim they hate so much, on black men for spite when those men refuse to take their crap. Black boys learn to hate themselves from their hateful mothers.

    Black boys have the highest rate of physical abuse & neglect. Black children are 8x more likely to be murdered by their parent/s than white children. Black male students have a 60% dropout rate. Murder is the #1 cause of death for young black males. Who's raising these kids? Black women.

    - Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Census, Dept of Ed, Police Dept Stats, CPS.

    Black ppl destroy themselves in every way possible yet have everything handed to them to succeed; affirmative action, minority scholarships for high school & college, minority business & home loans, black SAT scores are increased while Asian & white SAT scores are decreased, PELL & TAP grants, ACLU, Congressional Black Caucus, Minority Whip, free housing, allowed to riot, loot, commit arson, etc every time blacks don't get their way, free phones, allowing BLM terrorism, NAACP, free clothing, free Christmas presents for black kids, black only charity orgs, anti-discrimination laws, playing the race card, hate crime laws, utility vouchers which pay almost all utilities for a whole yr every yr, free computers, charter schools, etc.

    Blacks are one of the most privileged groups in the country bc of all of those privileges. That's the exact definition of privilege; getting privileges other groups don't get.

    You can't even bring yourself to blame this disgusting pic on black ppl even tho crimes like these are rampant in the black community. Blacks are so quick to blame whites for all their problems tho. Then expect whites to do everything for them & save them constantly. Ignoring & blaming problems on everyone else instead of the ppl causing those problems only continues & worsens all problems.

    This & the millions of sob stories in black neighborhoods are black ppl's responsibility & black ppl's fault, only.

    An over 50% murder rate? An over 65% violent crimes rate? 22% rape rate? From only 14% of the population. Wtf. There's no excuse for that. Black ppl are killing themselves & Dems have them convinced it's always someone else's fault so it continues. Every time black crime rates decline, in the last 100 yrs, there's the Dems inciting & instigating to increase black on black crimes. Dems won't even let ppl say black on black crime anymore to make sure the problems are never fixed.

    Maybe black kids won't put a gun to another black kid's head to get their dicks sucked in a garbage & piss filled alley if more black ppl actually took responsibility & cared abt each other.

    And don't play the 'white ppl are the ones causing all the mass murders' & 'white ppl are pedophiles' game. Blacks cause 21% of all mass murders & black children are 20x more likely to be molested than white children.

    - Bureau of Justice Statistics, Police Dept Stats, CPS.