Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Maybe I'm a little late where this is concerned, and maybe I'm way to concerned with "big picture" stuff to notice the small things. But can somebody please tell me when some people started taking offense to the phrase, Merry Christmas?! A co-worker of mine brought this to my attention a few days ago. According to him, and some independent research that I have done, there is a move underway to try to take Jesus out of Christmas. Never mind the fact that the reason that we celebrate Christmas is to celebrate Jesus birthday!
These misguided athirst, agnostic, psychopaths choose to observe a holiday dedicated to something that they don't believe in. They say happy holidays which includes New Years, but it also includes Christamas. Christ-mas. These people take vacations at Christmas time, and participate in holiday parties, and celebrations But they don't believe in Jesus. Why not just go to work, not celebrate, and be comforted by their "principals"?  Probably because they have very little or none at all. 
If you are a Christian like me, and you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior, then no one or nothing can force you to celebrate anything that is contrary to your beliefs. No days off, no holiday celebration, and no amount of revelry can change that. Celebrating the birthday of a child that  you don't believe existed is nothing but hypocrisy.


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  1. Well, yes--you are a little late. There have always been people who wanted to take the "Christ" or Jesus out of the picture. I have difficulty finding a religious-themed Christmas Card. Many of them are about "Santa", Rudolph, the Christmas Tree, harried shoppers, -- I even saw one where there was this blonde woman, scantily dressed with a red stocking on her head--she said "ho, ho, ho". (I won't elaborate on that.) Was that supposed to have represented Christmas? And what about the people who write "Merry Xmas"--what is that all about? Is Jesus a Muslim and their using the "X" for his name like Malcolm X? Are they saying that they are "X"ing him out? Do you remember the "Blue" Law? (I think that was the name of it.) At one time, there were no stores open on Sundays, and certainly no liquor stores. However, that has changed. There were shop owners who did not celebrate Sunday as their day of worship. They felt that Christians (which made up a large percentage of this country) were discriminating against them because the stores they owned could not open on Sundays. Now, department stores, liquor stores and night clubs, and who-knows- what- else are open on Sundays. Many stores are open on Christmas and Easter. The sad thing is that some Christians patronize these places on their very day of worship. As far as the people who don't care to celebrate the birth of Christ--I don't have a problem with that--it's their problem--however, I always say "Merry Christmas", and will continue to do so. As you know, Christianity is outlawed in some Arab countries. If we keep letting the religious zealots in, it might be outlawed here, too. You see, this country has a habit of being politically "correct". Prayer was outlawed in the schools and when we had prayer, my school (Rye High School), didn't mention Jesus--they only mentioned God--they thought that was "safe"; people are trying to take "In God We Trust' off of the money and the court houses. Yeah--this has been going on for a while.