Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (12-13-2014)

A crazy nut who came to an Oregon courtroom on Monday to be arraigned on a heroin possession charge dug a deeper hole for himself with a needle. How? You ask.

Because Michael Durban, 23, allegedly showed up to the Marion Count Courthouse with a syringe and a cotton ball in his pocket, reports.

Durban was going through a security screening when deputies allegedly foundhypodermic needles and a cotton ball that they think contained heroin in his pocket, according to

When the authorities pointed out the drug paraphernalia, the suspect allegedly said, "I got mixed up I thought I left it in my car."..........It's kind of hard to shake that monkey off your back and leave it in the car, I guess.

Durban, who was supposed to be arraigned on a drug charge, was arrested on the spot and charged with unlawful possession of herion.

He was taken to the Marion County Jail and is scheduled to be arraigned on the new charge.

And you thought your house/apartment was small?

A man secretly living in the ceiling of a restaurant and bar in Denver managed to flood his home and get stuck in a wall as he tried to evade capture.

Police were called to Yard House at 11 p.m. Tuesday night after employees said a man fell through the ceiling.  Initially, the unidentified suspect was hard to find, but officers spotted him walking around the scaffolding above the restaurant like some sort of deranged tight rope walker.

The ceiling dweller disappeared from view and somehow managed to trip a water main, which began flooding the restaurant below. It took nearly three hours to find the man. Officers heard moaning coming from the front of the restaurant, and when they pulled back one of the chairs there, they saw the man's feet behind a wall.

"I have not seen a call like this ever," Denver Police Cpl. James Balling said.

FINALLY, somebody took my gastronomical dreams and made a sandwich out of them!!! 
KFC Korea's Zinger Double Down King.
The Double Down made of two slabs of fried chicken, bacon and some cheese is practically diet food compared to Koreas's addition of the "zinger". The zinger, you see, is the addition of a meat patty inside. It is a sandwich made of fat and it is a crime against digestion. 
But it's probably DELICIOUS!


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