Saturday, December 20, 2014

Man Or Monster

This "man"/animal is the latest passenger on the express train straight to hell!

Police have arrested a man in Hempstead, accused of ripping a diamond necklace from a woman's neck in a New York laundry while she was holding a baby.

Ralphael Brown, 19, of Hempstead, NY is charged with second-degree robbery, two counts of second-degree assault, second-degree strangulation and endangering the welfare of a child. He was scheduled for arraignment Friday.

According to the Nassau County Police Department, a 39-year-old woman was at a 24-hour laundry, holding a customer's 1-year-old idaughter.

Police said Brown approached the victim, choked her, then stole the necklace. During the struggle, the suspect also pushed the infant, and began kicking and stepping on the baby right before he fled.

The infant suffered contusions to the head, chest, and back, and was taken to a local area hospital. The woman suffered a hurt hand and chest, but refused treatment at the scene. 
We must ask ourselves if this is the act of an insane man or a child curupted by callous indifference. Because, let's face it. Although he is "legal" in the eyes of the law, this young man is still a child. Rather than questioning the parenting skills of whoever raised him, it is important to understand that who we are is not just about how we were raised, but it is also about what we've experienced. What has this guy experienced that made him think that it was okay to beat up a baby?!
The world may never know. But there has to be a reason why some young men turn into monsters.



  1. There was a TV program called the "Shadow". The opening line was: "what evil lurks within the hearts of men--the "Shadow" knows!" You entitle your article "Man or Monster". Is it nature or nurture? Psychologists and Sociologists seem to have problems with the hypothesis. Some are in the camp which advocates nature, while others are talking about nurture. Perhaps it's a little bit of both? I have seen rich kids who turned out to be nothing you would have expected due to alcoholism and drugs. I've seen poor kids who excelled and lived their lives with honor and grace. Nature or nurture? I remember the movie, "The Bad Seed". The child character played by Patty McCormick, had everything--mommy, daddy, wealth--but she did some terrible things. Maybe Mr. Brown was just a "bad seed"--you know, some people say "there's always a rotten apple in the bunch". Maybe Mr. Brown was the "rotten apple". Unfortunately, we have to put up with evil in the world--as my uncle used to say: "that's the devil's job until Jesus returns."

    1. It's funny that you should mention nature vs. nurture. I just studied them in my psych class. Who knows which one had the most impact on this young man. One thing we do know is that something was, and has been lacking in his life. Bad seed? Maybe. But it has always been hard for me to believe that anyone is born bad.

  2. Yes, P. R.--you MUST be an optimist. Your assignment (LOL) will be getting a copy of the "Bad Seed" movie and watching it. You may change your mind about whether people are born bad.

    1. LOL. I think I saw a later version of The Bad Seed a few year ago starring McCally Culkin. But I'll look on You Tube for the Patty McCormick version. You're right, I might change my mind.