Monday, December 29, 2014

Faith & The Intelligence


Some of the most brilliant people that I have ever known have done nothing with their lives. 
This may sound strange to you. But it is absolutely, unequivically true. Often times when we talk about someone being brilliant it is often taken for granted that brilliance is synonymous with achievement. But nothing could be further from the truth. Intelligence has little if anything to do with drive or ambition. Faith is what fuels drive and ambition. Not how smart you are. A brilliant human being with no ambition is like a Ferrari with no gas. A beautifully designed machine made to perform that goes now where.

We cannot rationalize the way God works. He does not fit any logical, rudimentary, or any elementary idea that the human mind can imagine. You must have faith in him. We must believe beyond our thought process and we must be humble enough to see what is not before us.
The problem with many brilliant or intelligent people is the fact that they see too well. The believe that because of their circumstances dictate their future, and they stay to rooted in the now to move forward in any meaningful way. They go forward but they go no where. They move on but they don't advance because they are limited by their reasoning and stymied by what they can see. Their gifts are never utilized, and their lights never shine because they don't actively participate in their futures.
The future is always before us. We have to ask ourselves what are we going to help shape it. 
It takes vision, effort, and faith.


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